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Applications Manager 8.2™

What is Applications Manager?

ManageEngine Applications Manager is an availability and performance management software that helps businesses to ensure high availability and performance for their business applications. ManageEngine Applications Manager provides application server monitoring, database monitoring, server monitoring, web services monitoring and an array of other application management capability that will help IT administrators manage their resources.

How can ManageEngine Applications Manager help you?

ManageEngine Applications Manager helps you with a holistic view to your IT resources. It helps monitor the performance of various components of an application and helps troubleshooting production issues quickly. This helps reduce finger pointing and poor quality of service to end users. Additionally with ManageEngine Applications Manager, capacity planning and identifying root cause of performance issues becomes quicker.

ManageEngine Applications Manager also provides you with a business centric view to monitoring IT resources. This further helps aligning your IT resources to the needs of the business.

Why should you consider Applications Manager?

ManageEngine Applications Manager supports a heterogeneous application and server environment. This helps you meet most of your monitoring needs with a single tool. It is a comprehensive tool that covers all leading Application servers, web servers, databases, systems and also provides mechanisms to include custom application monitoring.

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